Damon Gochneaur (USA)

Director of Paid Search

I am Damon Gochneaur, founder and Mr Do-Anything. I got my start in digital marketing nearly 10 years ago, starting with email marketing and MySpace marketing when most people didn’t even know what Digital Marketing was. As the web has grown, so have I, steadily experimenting with new channels, new messaging, new targeting, in a constant search for more traffic and more conversions. But if the question turns to who I am, I am first a husband, then a father, and then somewhere else on the list I’m a digital marketer. At my roots though, I’m an entrepreneur, learning and watching from my parents who’ve owned their own manufacturing company for over 30 years & both my grandfathers who owned their own businesses for over 3 decades. Profitability is in my blood. Marketing is in my heart. I studied a variety of subjects while at The University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!) and amassed nearly 200 credit hours in my undergrad while majoring in Biology, Computer Science and ultimately General Studies. This agrarian education provided me with the technical skills to allow my creative and marketing skills to flourish in my current role. When I’m not sitting in front of my MacAir, you can usually find me coaching youth soccer (Come on you Blues) or trying to stay fit, an otherwise fruitless endeavour.