Ben Kaplan (USA)

PR Hacker

Ben Kaplan is among the world’s leading experts on viral marketing, content marketing, and sales. He is the founder and CEO of — the world’s leading holiday and calendar-based marketing site.  Kaplan grew from 0 to 5 million unique visitors per month by leveraging the power of SEO-driven viral link building.

Kaplan is also the founder and CEO of TOP — a global agency network comprised of nine data-driven agencies working in 20+ countries.  TOP’s unique methodology — Test, Optimize, and Perform — has revolutionized marketing communications for some of the world’s fastest growing startups and brands like Budweiser, Mercedes-Benz, Citi, Smuckers, and Milk-Bone.

Kaplan is the bestselling author of 12 books (including the viral hit ‘How to Go to College Almost for Free’) and an acclaimed public speaker on four continents. He has appeared on more than 5,000 TV and radio programs, including interviews on ‘Oprah,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, and the BBC.