Day 1 Agenda Overview

Day One


Social? Psychographics? Data? SEO? PR? Content? PPC? What the hell is Marketing Now ANYWAY!

Marketing tactics are blurred more than ever. Social channels are actually big display networks and SEO can be purchased with sponsored content which search engines somehow index. Lookalikes and retargeting often outperform top-of-funnel psychographics.

Marketers run cutthroat search PPC campaigns to curated social audiences and retarget filtered by financial qualification, intent data and other psychographics. PR and SEO are inexorably wound and native advertising disrupts. Targeting is explicit, distribution ubiquitous, retargeting pervasive and filtered. In other words, It's an AWESOME time to be a marketer! Are YOU ready to take the challenge?

Join US Search Award winner and perennial speaker fave Marty Weintraub for a no-holds barred shredding session to demystify the new, blended, universe of search and social, paid and organic marketing. You'll leave inspired to:
* Spank social, integrated with search. Generate leads, sales, subscriptions, downloads, installs and other KPIs
* Distribute content to media players and other influencers, from podcasters and bloggers to morning show hosts and assignment editors
* Master realities of CPA-effective multi-touch sales environments
* Mine next gen' competitive intelligence for radical insights to drive content, PR & SEO
* Untangle the twisted TAO of paid and organic search and social.
* Get started and determine what to do FIRST. Create a reasonable marketing plan, using the right tactics and channels"

SEO Sessions

There’s still four sessions that we are waiting on International speakers to give us titles & descriptions for, here is what we have so far.

Multinational Search
Setting up and running multinational campaigns is the new frontier for search marketers. But it's not enough just to translate a website and expect good results. Effectively using "hreflang" annotations, ensuring proper translation and cultural localisation, mastering hosting issues, working with different currencies, tariffs and payment systems -- all of these need careful work. This session shows you how to master the lingua franca of the international marketplace without making costly mistakes.

Link Building Methods from a Ninja
Session Description TBA

Meet The SEO’s leading the charge here in Australia.
In this session, you'll hear success stories from SEO’s who've managed SEO campaigns for brands, both large and small ranging from traditional SEO, Local SEO & E-commerce SEO. During this PowerPoint-free panel, veteran SEOs will answer your questions about search engine optimisation. Got a puzzling issue? Wondering about a possible trend? So, what are you waiting for, put it to the experts.

SEO & Mobile Sessions

AMP: The Next Generation
AMP -- Accelerated Mobile Pages -- is no longer an up-and-coming experimental project. AMP is now integrated into Google's regular results. Use of AMP has expanded far beyond publishers - it is now being deployed by retailers and others. This session explores the latest AMP developments and what you should do to take advantage of them to deliver your content faster and reap the search result rewards.

SEO For Google's Mobile-First Index & Mobile-Friendly World
Google is now using a mobile-first index that is based on how a mobile device would crawl the web. This is a radical change from how Google previously indexed the web with a desktop-first approach. This change has major ramifications for SEOs and webmaster. Our speaker will discuss techniques for performing an audit in a mobile-first world to ensure that content, links, metadata and structured data are compliant, regardless of how your site is accessed by users.

SEM/PPC Sessions

There’s still four sessions that we are waiting on International speakers to give us titles & descriptions for, here is what we have so far.

How to Increase Clicks Using Social Media Advertising
Learn the fundamentals of social media advertising in this social PPC session designed to help you increase clicks, traffic, and conversions through social media advertising.

The Perfect Social PPC Report Template
In this session, Dennis will take you the perfect social PPC report to send to your boss or clients.

Integrating Search Data Across PPC Audience Targeting
An insider’s look at how to use Search audience data in building other PPC campaigns. Though Search is a bottom of the funnel tactic and regarded as a direct response campaign, the different ways consumers search for the same product gives more insights on their intent which in turn could help build audience targeting for other branding campaigns.

Advanced Keyword Research: Business Value, Difficulty and Targeting Strategy
This session focuses on ways to determine the potential business value and ROI of a keyword, how difficult it will be to rank for it with a given website, and what the best approach to maximise return on it over time. Prior knowledge of keyword research is needed.

Attribution Success In A Cross-Device World
"With mobile ad clicks now exceeding mobile on many channels, marketers face an even more complex challenge of attributing the impact of their various campaigns. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and others all have various approaches for measuring and reporting cross-device impact. In this session, we'll take an in-depth look at how marketers are addressing cross-device and multi-touch attribution, including Google's total conversions reporting, proper modelling and tagging for better cross-device attribution."

Conversion Rates & The Law of Diminishing Astonishment
We all know how exciting it can be to optimise new campaigns when double-digit returns are relatively easy to achieve. Eventually, though, growth flattens, and gains are tougher to come by. In this SEM based session, we will look at conversion optimisation strategies that are boosting the performance of mature campaigns, and the tactics, processes and best practices that have worked to minimise the Law of Diminishing Astonishment.

Always Be Testing To Always Be Closing
"While ongoing testing is important for all advertisers, businesses can have significantly more complex sales funnel, a longer buying process and special challenges that only apply in a B2B world.

In this session, we'll explore unique approaches for testing and managing SEM campaigns that go beyond traditional "click-then-buy" tactics."

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