This is typically the type of attendee feedback we get from all our events and don’t forget if you are in the minority and feel you got nothing out of the event we have a Satisfaction Guarantee.

Rand Fishkin and Gord Hotchkiss agreed our signature Australian event – Search Marketing Summit (Previously known as SMX Sydney) was the best conference they ever attended, high praise indeed.

Below are a selection of posts made by some of our international speakers at SMX Sydney 2008.
Danny Sullivan – "Previous Query" Refinement Coming To Hit Google Results
Gord Hotchkiss – Back from SMX Sydney
Rand Fishkin – Search Secrets Revealed, Amazing People Met, & Incredible Sites Seen at SMX Sydney
Ciaran Norris – SMX Sydney: A Truly Great Conference

Chris Hogan from MeMedia is a great example of one of our delegates who has been at every event since 2008, he understands that coming to the conference is an educational opportunity not just for him, but also for his client. This video explains some of what he learnt from Jeremy Cabral & Dennis Yu and how he added his own internal process to it.

Plus there is a nice shout out to us 🙂

“I was very impressed. It is one of the best, if not the best, educational seminars I have attended. I found that I gained a lot from attending.”

Kea Gravenall – Matthews Australasia Pty Ltd

“What a wealth of information!! Thank you for a fascinating and highly rewarding conference and this gold mine of materials to take from it”

Sophie McKinlay, MYOB Limited

“Thanks for the opportunity to come along and learn at your Boot Camp. I gained a lot of knowledge that I am keen to put in place”

Cate Dempsey, ActToday

“This day is essential for anyone managing digital assets providing hands-on, ‘how-to’ methods that ensure people find you online”

Josephine Sabin, Hearingretail.com.au

“A really well run event on a huge topic. It is difficult to get the balance for newbies/experienced attendees and I think it was balanced nicely”

John Doyle, Fairfax Digital

“Well worth attending. Sessions offered up-to-date practical advice and the speakers presented at a high standard”

Mark Barrett, CI Marketing

“Very impressed with the quality overall. A great price for a great package. The content was fantastic – a great overview, and the ability to ask questions made it all more relevant!”

Nicky Tillyer – Melbourne Orthodontic Group

“It was a great conference. I’m a multimedia designer, but have never looked in depth at SEO, but rather hand balled it. I have always been scared to delve into SEO, this conference has changed my thinking giving me a starting point and skills to further assist my clients.”

Marc C-Scott – Digital Science

“For where I was at – it was fantastic. In process of building online e-commerce site and I learnt heaps, the manual will be a very useful long term tool. For me to have a hard copy I can refer to is great. I have already recommended to two people they should go to this day when on next. Thank you, well organised informative day and money very well spent.”

Angela Williams – AJW REALTY

“I am new to my position in marketing and am not so savvy in regards to the web and so found the day slightly overwhelming but extremely interesting. The staff and speakers were great.” Anon “Very good, informative, well done, easy to understand. I was extremely happy that it was not just a sales pitch for products. I would come again!”

Mark Rigg – AMAC Corrosion

“It was a great seminar which covered a lot of the fundamentals but had heaps of interesting hints and tips which I will be adding to my bag of SEO and Marketing tools. The speakers were all interesting and engaging and managed to individually teach me something new.”

Danilo Gutierrez – Greyhound Australia

“We found the information from the sponsors, very helpful and have spent this week implementing changes to our website.”

David Wood – Premier Postal Auctions