Day 2 Agenda Overview

Day Two

Keynote Panel

Brands Talk SEM

Big companies and brands have big advantages - big budgets, staffs and data resources, not to mention brand recognition by the search engines. But big brands also have big challenges, like coordinating ownership of keywords, content and important assets with other internal marketing groups. Smaller companies may face unique challenges as well, and often rely on agility to create opportunities leveraging SEO with social media, email marketing and other disciplines.

SEO Sessions: Day two is divided into three SEO categories - Technical, Local & “The Other SE’s”.

Technical Sessions

Simplifying Future-proof SEO: Content and Links

Jason will speak extensively about the processes he uses everyday within his SEO agency for content development, content-level optimisation and enterprise-level link building campaigns - There will be a case study that he worked on in 2016, in which they generated over 5 million organic visits in over a year of content and link development.

Surviving Google's Post-Update World

Times have changed; these days, Google rarely confirms algorithm updates. In fact, the Panda algorithm runs continuously and is continually evolving. Likewise, the Penguin algorithm runs in real time, and it's common to see ranking and traffic changes on a daily or weekly basis. Without guidance or transparency from Google, how should SEOs react to ranking changes or possible penalties? How can you manage boss or client expectations? This session explores essential SEO survival tactics in this era of constant change.

WordPress SEO Traps to avoid

It's not as simple as it may seem. Many folks take WordPress out of the box, and install Yoast and then go for the green traffic lights thinking they are now optimised. But there are many pitfalls to watch out for. Including the aim of creating a bulletproof installation on high quality hosting, with speed optimised, and structure optimised for the crawlers. Then begins the blogging and content marketing.

Delivering outstanding results with Technical SEO

Our clients increase traffic for large, international brands 8-10 times through investing in deep, technical SEO. I am sharing an actionable list of SEO techniques you can implement for your organisation to boost your visibility. The whole presentation is based on case studies of medium and large international brands.

Key takeaways:

- Technical SEO delivers outstanding visibility boosts. Especially for medium and large websites.

- It is easy to scale/repeat results from our case studies with the list of actions shared in the presentation."


Improve Your Local Presence Using Social Media

Discover how to increase exposure and customer count by leveraging social media for your local SEO campaigns.

Optimising local in the “Near Me” world

With the advent of smartphone assistants like Siri, Cortana & Ok Google it is fair to say that if you have not optimised your local ecosystem than none of these assistants will be able to locate you, this session will show you strategies and tactics in order to get the voice assistants on your side.

The other Search Engines

Amazon SEO Demystified - How to rank your products on Amazon’s Search Engine, A9

In the last 5 years, Amazon’s global online retail revenue has grown from $61 Billion in 2012, to $136 Billion in 2016. Over 2 Million 3rd Party marketplace sellers make up almost ½ of all sales on Amazon and have been described by Jeff Bezos as “The Third Pillar” of Amazon.

Now Amazon is coming to Australia, this is your chance to understand how Amazon actually works so you, or your clients can benefit from this massive, new online channel. Amazon isn’t a threat, it’s a huge opportunity if you take the time to understand its potential.

Chris Thomas, who currently sells over $300,000 per year on Amazon as a 3rd party seller, will demystify how you can benefit from the arrival of Amazon to our shores, from sourcing new products to sell, to how to rank them highly on the Amazon website.

Youtube SEO Demystified.

Session Description TBA

App Store SEO Demystified.

Session Description TBA

SEM/PPC Sessions

There’s still four sessions that we are waiting on International speakers to give us titles & descriptions for, here is what we have so far.

Advanced Keyword Research: Business Value, Difficulty and Targeting Strategy

This sessions focuses on ways to determine the potential business value and ROI of a keyword, how difficult it will be to rank for it with a given website, and what the best approach to maximise return on it over time. Prior knowledge of keyword research is needed.

Integrating Search Data Across PPC Audience Targeting

An insider’s look at how to use Search audience data in building other PPC campaigns. Though Search is a bottom of the funnel tactic and regarded as a direct response campaign, the different ways consumers search for the same product gives more insights on their intent which in turn could help build audience targeting for other branding campaigns.

Four more to come in the next few days.

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