Jine Wu

Co-Founder & Director
Whitesheep Digital

Jine Wu is the Co-founder of Whitesheep digital. She is also the SEO Operations Manager at realestate.com.au (REA Group). Together, the team won the best in-house SEO team in 2020 by Semrush Australia. She is recognised as one of the best technical SEO experts in the industry after completing the SEO Cryptex challenge and being one of the quickest participants to finish the challenge.  

Jine spent over 15+ years in the SEO industry. She started as a web developer and discovered her passion for SEO. Her dev background gives her an unequal advantage in understanding the web, turning her into a rare unicorn in the SEO land – a technical SEO expert.

Worked in both an agency and in-house settings, Jine has a vast knowledge of SEO across a huge variety of industries. She believes data is the key to decision-making, and her results speak for themselves.