Rekha Marsh

Co-Founder & Director
Whitesheep Digital

Rekha stumbled into the world of SEO when her family migrated to Australia almost eight years ago. She took the plunge into a career change, starting off as an Account Executive in an SEO-focused agency.

With only a pen and a black book, she was determined to be the best she could, learning and starting from the basics. 

Tapping into her past marketing expertise, her passion is on page and content SEO, helping others in the business learn more and empowering them with SEO knowledge. “If a developer in their stand up’s can stop and say, we need to add this canonical work as a priority – I have then achieved something for the day!” 

Today she is the Senior SEO Manager and helps build long-term strategies and find new SEO opportunities for REA Group’s global business while focusing more on the Financial Services businesses.

She is highly recognised for her can-do and no-nonsense attitude. She also dedicates her time to helping small businesses grow their digital footprint through Whitesheep Digital – “if the work is not live yet, we can get this SEO piece done!” 

Rekha has a Frenchie; Nuff said?