Chris Thomas

Hibermate Limited

Chris has been selling his own products and has been heavily involved in online retail since 2001. In 2005 he switched careers and became the General Manager of a Melbourne Based Search Marketing company. In 2013 he launched a successful Kickstarter project raising over $110,000 USD for a new product idea he’d developed.

Soon after, he moved to Hong Kong with his family and ran his eCommerce business as a ‘location independent’ entrepreneur. He launched his products on Amazon in March 2015 and they quickly took off once he’d figured out how Amazon’s search engine worked. His business currently turns over $500,000 P/A on Amazon with just 4 products, working from home here in Australia.

He now helps other companies launch their products and grow their brands on the world’s most popular eCommerce platform, in multiple countries where Amazon has a presence. Soon, Amazon will have a much more ominous presence here in Australia. Chris will share his experience and knowledge with you so you too can understand how to optimise and rank products for keywords that customers use when searching for products on Amazon’s dedicated shopping search engine, A9. If you’re involved with eCommerce, SEO, PPC and/or have anything to do with physical products, this is must see presentation featuring real-life case studies.

Learn from Chris’ successes (and some shocking failures) so you too will know how effectively leverage the opportunities Amazon offers. You can’t fight them, so you’d better learn fast how to join them.