Demystifying SGE: How Google's Search Generative Experience Will Transform SEO Strategies

Kenichi Suzuki (Japan)

Kenichi Suzuki (Japan)

Search AdvocateFaber Company Inc.

  • Breakout Room 1 - 3.04

Google recently unveiled its highly anticipated Search Generative Experience (SGE) - an AI-powered search engine that delivers tailored, conversational answers to queries rather than just links. SGE uses large language models to synthesize helpful information, explain concepts, and offer advice.

In this engaging session, very early SGE adopter Kenichi will demonstrate real-world examples of SGE in action, highlighting its game-changing capabilities. You'll leave with a deep understanding of SGE and how it could transform search as we know it.

You will learn:
- What SGE is and how it works
- The different types of SGE snapshots
- The current limitations and challenges of SGE
- How to optimize your site for SGE (is it possible?)
- The future opportunities and implications of SGE for the web

Don't miss this opportunity to get a head start on the most transformative search innovation in years!