Smart Bidding: Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Abigail Charlesworth

Abigail Charlesworth

Paid Performance Marketing ManagerIkon Communications

  • Virtual Track #1

When using Smart Bidding in SA360, Google’s recommendation is to put your whole portfolio into Automation.

All campaigns, all ad groups, all keywords into one portfolio algorithm allowing the powerhouse of Google’s machine learning to get the right results for your business. Seems logical right?

But are all keywords created equal?

Are some of your keywords working for you higher up in the funnel? But when it comes to your final conversion point – aren’t necessarily driving that last conversion?

In this session, I will discuss real-life examples of when segmentation of bidding strategies works more in your client's favour than a portfolio strategy where you include ‘everything but the kitchen sink’.


  • SA360 Best Practise of portfolio bid strategy management
  • Is segmentation actually better for your portfolio
  • Results in practise (real-life example)
  • The future of portfolio bid strategy management – the movement away from granularity to broader bid portfolio strategies