PPC & SEO Winning Together

Navah Hopkins (USA)

Navah Hopkins (USA)


  • Virtual Track #2

PPC and SEO often operate in a silo, which means important lessons are learned twice, functional differences cause in-fighting instead of brand collaboration and cohesion, and practitioners are left with very little empathy for how to evolve beyond "their lane".

Instead of pitting departments against each other, or ignoring a marketing channel entirely, it's time to get PPC and SEO winning together.

In this data driven and actionable session, we'll:
Unpack the main points of contention, including: design and page layout, attribution, and domain configuration.
Learn how to work together instead of competing via: search term analysis, analytics conversion paths and segments, and content ideation
Review workflows and opportunities for collaboration between PPC and SEO departments.
This session is ideal for a brand manager who has to balance both PPC and SEO, PPC-first agencies/practitioners who need to collaborate with their SEO colleagues.