Marketing in a world without third party audiences

Navah Hopkins (USA)

Navah Hopkins (USA)


  • Breakout Room 1 - 3.04
  • Moderated by: Jason Mun

The most crucial part of digital advertising is mapping the right message to the right audience. However, in the privacy-first web, our ability to precisely target (never mind track) has become spotty at best.

Instead of giving into despair, attendees can attend this data-backed and action-item-oriented session, empowering them to:
1. Build personas oriented around the current rules of engagement in Google, Facebook, and Microsoft advertising.
2. Designing creative and account structures that can deliver value with and without first-party audiences.
3. Strategies to build consent-based audiences for first-party wins. This session is meant for in-house and agency marketers who must reinvent their creative workflows in a privacy-first and cross-channel world.