Search and Social Advertising: Made Better Together with More Data

Mark Irvine

Mark Irvine

Director of Paid MediaSearchLab

  • Virtual Track #1

The duopoly of Google and Facebook has attracted the attention and wallets of digital marketers around the globe. The combined appeal of reaching audiences across 1.2 trillion searches and 1.4 billion active daily social users is certainly driving many brand’s marketing strategies. Today, more than 8 million advertisers reach their customers online with search and social.

As they’re reach expands to more and more different audiences and keywords, How do we measure the success of these campaigns in a world in which our users are increasingly connected and exposed to multiple campaigns across different networks and devices? Too often we treat our campaigns differently and plan our digital strategies separately, and in doing so we miss valuable insights and major opportunities. 

In this session, we will:

  • Detail how social campaigns influence customers in all stages of the funnel and measure their impact on other campaigns
  • Find data from other channels to optimise your social campaign targets
  • Demonstrate how social signals identify present and predict future search trends on the Google
  • Explore how to use social signals to optimise Google campaigns.