How You Can Turn 5-Figure Sites Into 6 & 7 Figure Properties (As a Side Hustle)

Karl Kangur (Estonia)

Karl Kangur (Estonia)

Director of MarketingSmash Digital

  • Breakout Room 2 - 3.03
  • Moderated by: Rekha Marsh

"It’s a series of case studies of how I’ve been able to build super successful sites with only a few hours put into them each month.

With limited time, it’s critical to focus on the most important growth levers so I break down SEO to its core bottlenecks. We then look at ways to address these bottlenecks (content and links) and what’s worked best for me. I walk through three examples, two of my own sites I’ve done this with as well as an example in the wild that I think could be massively turned around - with practical examples. I’ll also get into things like choosing the right industry, proper monetization, and more."