Enterprise SEO strategy to win Audience

Jine Wu

Jine Wu

Co-Founder & DirectorWhitesheep Digital

We will look at the top 3 important factors of Enterprise SEO success:

Influencing to get SEO done

Operating in a small in house SEO team in an enterprise environment
Communicating with stakeholders: Leadership and management team, product managers, execution team (developers and BAs) and others
How to prioritise work and SEO initiatives
The importance in communicating results

Market leadership and opportunities

How to stay as a market leader
Importance in understanding the market and industry
How to do market and opportunity analysis
How to catch up to the market leader
Importance in understanding the gap
How to do competitor analysis

Technical SEO challenges and scale

Examples of technical challenges at Enterprise Level
The challenges to make changes based on the large number of systems we have.
Server-side vs Client-side render