Chasing Quality Over QualityScore: Metrics And Tactics To Achieve Real World Profit

  • Tue, May 7, 2019
  • 01:15 PM - 01:50 PM
  • Yurra-Marra Room
  • Moderated by: Jeff Ferguson, Fang Marketing

"Quality Score (QS) is the most popular metric for advertisers and agencies alike to focus on because we’re constantly prompted to focus on it. From Google’s UI telling us that low QS is stopping us from appearing, to thought leaders using QS as benchmarks for success, it’s hard to remember quality score is simply a report card on how the account is performing. Advertisers and agencies alike think they need to pause low quality score terms, even if they are converting.

The result: account structure strategies that are time consuming and inefficient (single keyword ad groups), low search volume keywords clogging up campaigns because they have a good quality score, and other well-intended structure choices that lead to wasted spend.

In this data driven power session we will:

Review common reasons that quality score may never hit that highly sought after 10/10 including industry search volume and bid to budget issues that prevent advertisers from ranking high enough to get a good click through rate which leads to good quality score.
The metrics to focus on including impression share, bid to budget ratios, and conversion rate/cost.
Data around why quality score should be treated as a byproduct of healthy account structure, rather than the path to it.
Attendees will be challenged in this session to rethink how they manage and will leave empowered to chase profit instead of Google’s goodwill, as well as the action plan on how to make the most of their ad spend. This topic is a common topic for our customers and will be applicable to advertisers and agencies alike.

Navah Hopkins (USA)

Navah Hopkins (USA)

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