A framework for creating content for today’s time poor consumer

Moby Siddique

Moby Siddique

CEORedPandas Digital

  • Virtual Track #2

Your 500-1000 blog posts aren’t working. Your video content isn’t getting traction and don’t get me started on your downloaded eBook! The reason? The era of snackable content has arrived and your 2018 content strategy won’t fit the bill.

There has never been a more confusing time to be a marketer in 2020. Privacy and data collection is increasingly becoming a concern by users placing pressure on how we target them. Cost per click figures skyrocketed last year and even new social media entrant TikTok is being disrupted by an even newer app!

Fortunately, however through the noise, there are a number of clear trends that working incredibly well for many marketers.

In this session we’ll cover the big macro trends that have shaped how the effective content marketers create content today. We’ll share examples of content that work best on your website, your socials and in ads. We’ll also share a practical framework we use daily to manage our pressing content quality AND quantity demands.

What you’ll learn:

  • The most effective content types in 2020
  • Social Media macro trends and content to create for them
  • A template to create content in today’s snackable era