Building an Effective Search Presence and Maintaining an Authentic Voice

  • Wed, May 8, 2019
  • 02:10 PM - 02:45 AM
  • Corinthian Room
  • Moderated by: Natalie De Souza Ferreyra

Those of us who work in Search Outreach for Google are often asked to provide the "secrets" or "tips" on how to rank high in organic search results. We always respond that the focus should be on authentic, honest content that is relevant, targeted and focused.

We don't just say that, it's something we have to do ourselves in our own work, as we work to teach website owners around the world how to do well in search while protecting their users and websites.

We'll walk through some of the things we've learned about the difficult—but immensely rewarding—process of communicating with sometimes difficult-to-reach audiences with an authentic voice. We'll also share some real and practical advice about how to manage a web presence that is open, authentic, searchable, respectful and secure.

Cherry Prommawin (SGP)

Cherry Prommawin (SGP)

Search Quality AnalystGoogle Asia Pacific