A Better Way to Bing

Mark Irvine

Mark Irvine

Director of Paid MediaSearchLab

  • Moderated by: Barry Smyth

Although always in the shadow of the search giant Google, Microsoft’s Bing has grown market share consistently every month for over 60 consecutive months. Today, Bing powers 1 out of 6 desktop searches in Australia and New Zealand.

Getting started on Microsoft Advertising feels easy to most familiar with Google Ads, but finding success is often harder. Why do so many advertisers struggle in a network that boasts similar features as Google and with lower costs? The differences between Google and Bing may be minor, but they can matter when it comes to finding success on the platform. In this session we will:

  • Identify how advertisers might find even more success on Bing than on Google, simply by altering their keyword strategy
  • Examine a different approach for starting and testing new campaigns on Bing to enable faster learnings and better optimization strategies
  • Find ways to embrace automation on Bing to keep your campaigns up to date without extra work.