Mobile is an increasingly essential element of digital marketing.

Google says that more than half of its traffic comes from mobile devices and that number is increasing.

Join mobile marketing expert Cindy Krum at Search Summit's Mobile Marketing Workshop for a full-day post-conference workshop that can help you make the most of this foundational technology!

Search Summit's Mobile Marketing Workshop will focus on the details marketers need to know to plan for the future of mobile marketing and cross-device interactions.

That future may have less to do with customers interacting on your websites, but rather with digital assistants, voice actions, and IoT elements.

Given that the latter gather their information from apps, websites, or straight from the cloud, this represents an important paradigm shift that will change the way companies and their customers interact on the Internet forever.

Marketers that do not prepare will miss out on any first-mover advantage. Attend this forward-thinking workshop to ensure you and your team are not left behind.


  • Like all of the events associated with Search Marketing Summit, you will learn from Best-of-breed Professionals on the evolving and ever-expanding role of mobile marketing, you will walk away with a deep understanding of:
  • The goals and impact of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing update and how they can prepare for it.
    The relationship between ‘mobile-first,’ ‘voice-first,’ AI-first’ and offline-first’ initiatives at Google and why they are important to marketing.
  • How schema and other kinds of markup and JSON-LD will be used in the future to make app, web and database-only interactions possible, and discoverable.
  • The functioning and technology that powers Google Instant Apps, Google Actions, PWA’s and AMP, their relative strengths and weaknesses, and how they play into the larger mobile-first ecosystem.


  • Where: SMC Conference & Function Centre
  • When: Friday, June 1st, 2018
  • How long: Full day 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm
  • How Much: Only $1,300 + GST


  • PDF's of All presentations from the morning
  • Morning tea
  • Lunch
  • Optional Networking drinks at 5pm

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