SydneyMay 28 - June 12018

Simon Mathonnet

Head Of Digital StrategySplashbox

Simon is Head of Digital Strategy at Splashbox, a Melbourne-based online marketing, design and development agency that specialises in enterprise eCommerce clients. In his role, Simon oversees more than 100 campaigns, and guides his clients on the most effective ways to grow their business.

After studying IT in France and earning his Masters in Digital Marketing through universities in Paris and San Francisco, Simon travelled across the globe, devising digital strategies for an array of industries.

Two years ago, he moved to Melbourne to cut his teeth in the Australian market. Now, Simon spends his days creating from scratch holistic strategies for a diverse range of clients, including clothing labels, internet service providers and large-scale property developers. If you were to ask Simon what forms the basis of every campaign, he’d tell you it would be data and detailed metrics.

When he’s not crafting campaigns at Splashbox, Simon can be found at General Assembly, sharing his SEO and strategy expertise with up-and- comers and industry professionals.